Cast Iron Butterflies, book release

I am very pleased to announce the release of my new poetry collection, “Cast Iron Butterflies.”

Cast Iron Butterflies – ebook

Cast Iron Butterflies – paperback

This collection will likely go down in my personal history, marking the moment when I stepped cautiously, but surely, into my purpose.

I don’t say that lightly.

I have been a poet forever (well, since my teens, anyway), and this is actually my second publication, but there is something very special about this collection.

I hope its readers find connection, hope, and encouragement within its pages.

Cast Iron Butterflies
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As I prepared for the release of my new poetry collection, I debated back and forth about whether to publish under my real name… *

Decision made 🖤💕 🖤

Meet: Mykal Ward

(AKA Sylphina Angel, @sylphina_writes, @sylphina_angel_77 )

finally stepping out of my “comfort zone” and into my purpose

P.S. this is sort of a HUGE deal… and I’m so proud of myself for taking this step. #GoMe 💕☮️

they tried

It gets pretty
inside my mind
and heart

I search for
the source
of brokenness…

of this mess…

& I see
innocence and ignorance
Both of those, plus pain…

all around me

the faces of
so many people
who tried
their very best

to love me.


Sylphina Angel

@sylphina_writes (IG)


Sometimes I forget
who I am deep down inside
armor’s safe disguise


Sylphina Angel

@sylphina_writes (IG)


caught a glimpse of me
it had been such a long time
since I’d seen myself


Sylphina Angel

@sylphina_writes (IG)

trust the process

Believe in your own wings.
Though you might not see them yet
or even feel them emerging…
trust your transition;
trust the process.

Challenge every doubt
and every thought that rises up
against your ultimate success.

Tell the voice inside your head
it is not your master, nor your blueprint –
unless the voice lines up
with your transition…

then, stand and wait, expectantly,
knowing, you can (and will)
become every bit of who you are
intended to become.


Sylphina Angel

@sylphina_writes (IG)

time and I

Time stood still, waiting –
unconcerned, all of these years –
knowing I’d return.


Sylphina Angel

@sylphina_writes (IG)


Yes, I am changing;
but not into something new –
returned to design


Sylphina Angel

@sylphina_writes (IG)


I can’t find the words
so I wait quietly here,
where they can find me.


Sylphina Angel

@sylphina_writes (IG)

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